[chirp_users] [CHIRP] #78: Error on writing to an empty memory slot

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Sat Feb 5 15:16:26 PST 2011

#78: Error on writing to an empty memory slot
 Reporter:  chirp@…            |        Type:  Bug                          
   Status:  new                |    Priority:  Stability                    
Milestone:                     |   Component:  Memory Editor                
  Version:                     |    Keywords:  write empty RadioJob KeyError
 Platform:  Linux              |  
 When I was doing some testing (I think I accidentally tried to write
 to an empty memory slot:
 Exception running RadioJob: 54
 -- Exception: --
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/src/archive/Chirp/chirp-0.1.11b4/chirpui/common.py", line
 70, in
     result = func(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
   File "/usr/src/archive/Chirp/chirp-0.1.11b4/chirp/kenwood_live.py", line
 174, in erase_memory
     del self.__memcache[number]
 KeyError: 54

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