[chirp_users] Thoughts on TH-F6A support and looking for D710 support

David Ranch chirp at trinnet.net
Fri Feb 4 23:16:42 PST 2011

Hello Everyone,

KI6ZHD here.  I just discovered Chirp as I was looking for some way of 
synchronizing the memories across my F6A, two D710s, and a VX5 in a 
Linux-only environment.  I did some tests and it seems that the Kenwood 
TH-F6A support is close but it's missing the memory's NAME which is very 
important to me.  I then tried the Kenwood D710 which communicated but 
didn't support and a Yaesu VX5 didn't work at all.  I also noticed I 
couldn't save any downloaded data nor upload anything back to the radios 
(see below).  The F6A and D710 are the priority radios for me and the 
VX5 is a backup.  Any thoughts on getting the F6A and the D710 working?

Taking it a step further, I'm ideally looking for is a memory 
syncronization tool across different radios.  I'm not looking for full 
backups (though that would be nice like Kenwood's Windows applications) 
but memories is good enough.

Any possibility of coming up with a system that would:

  - load multiple radio's data at the same time
  - merge and navigate conflicts (move memories I added in the Car or at 
Home) and allow me to move them into free slots
  - come up with a new master file
  - program them back into each of the radios

I know that I could manually do this with Chirp with say CSV files but I 
think a merging feature like this would be a fantastic.


Chirp 0.11.b4
  Running on Centos 5.5
  GTK 2.10.4
  PyGTK 2.10.1

Three radios here are tested
  - Kenwood TH-F6A
  - Kenwood TM-D710
  - Yaesu VX-5

Kenwood TH-F7A

Recognizes TH-F6A fine
 !! does NOT download memory's names
 !! cannot select File --> Save As
 !! cannot Radio --> Upload to radio

recognition sequence
[dranch at hampacket chirp-0.1.11b4]$ ./chirpw
PC->V71: ID
V71->PC: ID TH-F6
PC->D7: ID
D7->PC: ID TH-F6
Talking to a TH-F6
PC->D7: AI 0
D7->PC: ?
Starting memedit
Bank Index supported: False
Bank supported: False
DTCS Code supported: True
DTCS Pol supported: False
Mode supported: True
Offset supported: True
Name supported: True
Tune Step supported: True
Name supported: True
ToneSql supported: True
Cross Mode supported: False
PC->D7: MR 0,000
D7->PC: N
PC->D7: MR 0,001
D7->PC: MR 0,001,00145390000,0,2,0,1,0,0,12,08,000,000600000,0,0
PC->D7: MNA MNA 0,001

Yaesu VX5 (non-R)

Selecting Radio VX3

Program reports
000: 98 80 06 18 78 86 80 60   ....x..`
008: 78 06 00 00 00 00 00 00   x.......

Selection of VX3, VX6, and VX7 does not work:

VX5 commander (Windows) DOES work for me:


  --> Cancel does NOT work

program shows
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/archive/Chirp/chirp-0.1.11b4/chirpui/cloneprog.py", 
line 58, in <lambda>
    cancel_b.connect("clicked", lambda b: cancel())
  File "/usr/src/archive/Chirp/chirp-0.1.11b4/chirpui/clone.py", line 
200, in cancel
  File "/usr/src/archive/Chirp/chirp-0.1.11b4/chirp/chirp_common.py", 
line 765, in kill
    import ctypes
ImportError: No module named ctypes

Kenwood D710
PC->V71: ID
PC->V71: ID
PC->V71: ID
V71->PC: ID TM-D710
--- Exception Dialog: Unsupported model `TM-D710' ---
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/archive/Chirp/chirp-0.1.11b4/chirpui/clone.py", line 
153, in run
    cs.radio_class = detect.DETECT_FUNCTIONS[vendor](cs.port)
  File "/usr/src/archive/Chirp/chirp-0.1.11b4/chirp/detect.py", line 
117, in detect_kenwoodlive_radio
    raise errors.RadioError("Unsupported model `%s'" % r_id)
RadioError: Unsupported model `TM-D710'

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