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#77: Want bulk delete or CSV importing of blank channels
 Reporter:  n7ss@…         |        Type:  Feature      
   Status:  new            |    Priority:  Would be nice
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  Version:  0.1.9          |    Keywords:               
 Platform:  Windows        |  
 Let's say I have a template with channels 0-199 filled.  I want to create
 a new template with only channels 0-99 in that same radio.  How do I get
 rid of the old channels 100-199?

 I can delete them individually - time-consuming and complicated if the new
 template has unused channels in the middle (because the old ones still
 appear in the blanks).

 I could do a factory reset on the radio and download the empty radio to
 use as a starting point for all my templates.  That is also complicated
 for managing multiple radio models that may have other setting I want to

 I suppose I could directly edit the IMG file and remove the channels I
 don't want but that invites error.

 A cleaner solution would be to allow deletion of a range of channels or
 even import of blank channels via CSV.


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