[chirp_users] Hello, delightful program, thanks

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Fri Aug 26 18:44:26 PDT 2011

> I think so, just downloaded it today, Help>  About says CHIRP 0.1.11

Nope, grab the latest here:


Those get generated each night automatically if there is new code in the
repository. I only post a "public" release every once in a while.

> How do I do that? I'm using the KDE 4.6 GUI, not the command line, to
> invoke the program. I have both user and root terminals open, but
> nothing shows there, /var/log/messages shows nothing and dmesg shows
>  nothing...

In the latest daily, it should create a ~/.chirp/debug.log file if you
run it from the GUI.

> Hope you are not in the path of the storm. We are in Newport RI,
> just a little to the right of the direct target: New York City.

Nope, I'm on the west coast. I used to live in NC, though. I remember 
the storms!

Dan Smith

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