[chirp_users] Hello, delightful program, thanks

Andy Lavarre alavarre at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 18:29:41 PDT 2011

Dan hi. Thanks for quick response
>> It complained about a missing chirp.png, so I copied your logo, parked
>> it in share/ and reran the installation, all is well, although the logo
>> doesn't appear in the start menu (Linux openSUSE 11.4 KDE 4.6). No biggie.
> Are you using a recent daily build? I think I fixed this a couple days ago.
I think so, just downloaded it today, Help > About says CHIRP 0.1.11
>> Occasionally when changing a channel parameter the radio does not
>> respond rapidly enough so I get an error, but inevitably on trying again
>> it works. Not sure whether writing with a TAB or ENTER makes any
>> difference, these errors seem to occur regardless of which I use to
>> enter the change.
> Yes, it's very frustrating -- for the users and developer. The radio can 
> switch baud rates at will (it seems) and each time you communicate with 
> it, you have to send it a special block to wake it up (and out of data 
> mode). The Icom software seems to either (a) have some interesting 
> algorithm for doing that appropriately, or (b) blasts the radio a lot 
> and hopes it wakes up.
Not a problem... I just need some patience
>> But the more difficult problem is in writing to a CSV file. Every
>> attempt to do this fails with a python error if I try to customize the
>> path and filename of the destination CSV:
>>      invalid literal for int() with base 10 'A' on line 4
> Hmm, can you send me the full console output so I can have a look?
How do I do that? I'm using the KDE 4.6 GUI, not the command line, to
invoke the program. I have both user and root terminals open, but
nothing shows there, /var/log/messages shows nothing and dmesg shows

>> I'll be sending a contribution.
> Thanks, always appreciated! :)
Right after dinner!

Hope you are not in the path of the storm. We are in Newport RI, just a
little to the right of the direct target: New York City.

73, Andy

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