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Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Fri Aug 19 06:36:03 PDT 2011

> On the FT-2800m, as before I was able to download from the radio with no
> problem. I followed the procedure you recommended this morning, but I
> was not able to upload to the radio no matter what I tried, including
> switching to the 8/11 version, which had worked before. Any ideas? If it
> would help to have the radio back, I could send it with the TM-271A.

Gosh Jim, I'm really sorry about this. I'm not sure why it's being so 
troublesome as it seemed like it was reasonably solid when it left here. 
Yes, if you want to send it back with the Kenwood I'll certainly take a 
look and see what I can do to make it better.

Alternately, I'm going to be in Bend this weekend if you want to make a 
quick exchange. I'll have family and friends with me, but could meet you 
somewhere to avoid the shipping charge.

> On the IC-W32A, I still was not able to download a file from the radio.
> It gives the same error "class IC9xICFRadio has no attribute '_model'".
> I switched to the 8/11 daily build and was able to download and upload a
> modified .img file to the radio. I had thought there was a problem with
> the tone field on the 8/11 build, but it now seems to work correctly -
> the tones appear to be correct and they are in the tone field, not the
> tone sql field. Probably operator error.

Ah, no, I think I know what that is. Cleanup in another place.. that 
probably broke all Icom uploads, now that I think of it. I should be 
able to reproduce that this morning and get a fix pushed for tomorrow's 
build before I leave.


Dan Smith

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