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jim gibbens wetboy133 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 21:56:37 PDT 2011

Hi Dan-

I installed the 8/18 daily build of CHIRP and gave it a try.  

On the FT-2800m, as before I was able to download from the radio with no problem.  I followed the procedure you recommended this morning, but I was not able to upload to the radio no matter what I tried, including switching to the 8/11 version, which had worked before. Any ideas?  If it would help to have the radio back, I could send it with the TM-271A.

I had no problem with the THK2.  Download works fine and I was able to import and modify a csv or chirp file in "live" mode and then export it.

On the IC-W32A, I still was not able to 
download a file from the radio.  It gives the same error "class IC9xICFRadio has no attribute 
'_model'". I switched to the 8/11 daily build and was able to download and upload a modified .img file to the radio.  I had thought there was a problem with the tone field on the 8/11 build, but it now seems to work correctly - the tones appear to be correct and they are in the tone field, not the tone sql field.  Probably operator error.


Jim GivensKJ7F
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