[chirp_users] Thoughts after looking at the most recent build

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Tue Aug 9 15:54:05 PDT 2011

> It appears to me that Baofeng/Vero is using offsets (bytes) 04 and 09 in
> each 16-byte frequency (or channel structure) word to designate the
> CTCSS tone or DCS code. From what I see, there are 50 CTCSS tone codes
> and 104 DCS codes. Do I double that last number to account for the 2
> polarities? If so, that means I'm trying to store 258 distinct bit codes
> in a max 16-bit hex byte (00-FF)..

The tone fields are two bytes wide. I would point you at the code if 
you're interested in the details, and also point you to the chirp_devel 
list if you want to talk bits and bytes. That's beyond the scope of what 
most people subscribed here want to see.


> Is what you classify as DTCS "R" polarity what the Baofeng folks
> designate as "I"?

Yes. Icom calls it "reverse" and many commercial rigs call it 
"inverted". I expect the UV3-R refers to it as "inverted," since Baofeng 
stole (allegedly, of course) from a commercial rig.

Dan Smith

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