[chirp_users] Will Chirp be enhanced to mandle other info in my dat file?

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Tue Aug 9 06:49:58 PDT 2011

>    1. Squelch level
>    2. VOX Level
>    3. TOT (Time Out Timer, limiting Tx time)
>    4. Battery Saver
>    5. Key Tone (Beep)
>    6. BCL (Broadcast Lock Out, prevents me from xmitting if someone with
>       a different PL Tone (CTSS) or DTCCS Code is already using the
>       frequency pair)
>    7. Scan
>    8. Back light

Maybe some day, but other than #6, these are all settings that are not 
memory-channel-specific. CHIRP's major focus is being able to move 
memory channels between dissimilar radios. If I were to support every 
feature of every radio, I'd only support three models and I'd be sick of 
it by now. If you want to be able to program every single bit in the 
image file, you should use the software that came with your radio. If 
you want to keep your memories in sync between your UV3-R and some other 
radio, you should use CHIRP.

Don't get me wrong, if you want to write the code to make CHIRP support 
the above features (or pay someone to do it for you) I'm all for it. I 
hope you understand that it's not something I can do for every radio in 
my spare time for free and still, you know, sleep :)


Dan Smith

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