[chirp_users] Thoughts after looking at the most recent build

Ron McKenzie rmckenzie5 at cfl.rr.com
Mon Aug 8 21:49:13 PDT 2011


I'm testing Chirp with UV-3R files.

1. Why did you delete the Name field? I would find this very helpful for 
organizing and editing the data in my .CVS file. From our previous email 
conversation, I understood you were going to retain it in the CSV file 
and only drop it when writing data to the dual_band.dat file for 
uploading into the radio?

2. Vero/Baofeng uses one "menu" for manually setting the Tx-Code 
(transmitted CTSS or DTCCS code) and a second "menu" for manually 
setting the Rx-Code (received or SQL tone code, either CTSS or DTCCS).

Chirp has separate fields for the CTSS (Tone) and the DTCCS (DTCS Code) 
(defaulting to the lowest code value for whichever code type is not 
used). In addition, Chirp has a field Tone Mode with values of None, 
Tone (CTSS Tx only), ToneSql (CTSS Ts & Rx?), and DTCS.

The "inputs" suggest that a repeater using CTSS will always have to hear 
a user's Tx-Code and it may or may not send back using a CTSS code. On 
the other hand, if the repeater is using DTCCS, then, it will require 
that code (my Tx-code) and it will always broadcast using that same 
DTCCS code (my Rx-code).

Some questions to help increase my knowledge of current practices:

1. Is the above analysis correct?
2. Is this juxtaposition of data and information types done as a 
convenience in light of the requirements of earlier radios that Chirp 
was programmed for? Or, it it something that can be altered?
2. Is a repeater operator precluded from selecting different CTSS or 
DTCCS codes for Rx and Tx?**
3. Is a repeater operator precluded from selecting CTSS for the user's 
Tx Code and DTCCS for the user's Rx Code (or vice versa)?**
3. Can an operator set a repeater up to use DTCCS on what it receives 
(the user's Tx Code) and transmit without a code?**
** (Assuming the operator's choices do not conflict with any other 
repeaters sharing the frequency pair within a reasonable distance of the 
subject repeater.)

I don't see where the UV-3R uses the DTCS Polarity information at all; 
it does not appear to be an option as I read my .dat file.

Thanks & 73 de KK4DBR, Ron
EL98fk    Orange Cty    Windermere, FL
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