[chirp_users] Will Chirp be enhanced to mandle other info in my dat file?

Ron McKenzie rmckenzie5 at cfl.rr.com
Mon Aug 8 21:56:22 PDT 2011

At some point will chirp be enhanced let me maintain the following 
fields in my UV-3R:

 1. Squelch level
 2. VOX Level
 3. TOT (Time Out Timer, limiting Tx time)
 4. Battery Saver
 5. Key Tone (Beep)
 6. BCL (Broadcast Lock Out, prevents me from xmitting if someone with a
    different PL Tone (CTSS) or DTCCS Code is already using the
    frequency pair)
 7. Scan
 8. Back light

Thanks & 73 de KK4DBR Ron

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