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#101: Frequency Annotations
 Reporter:  Robert Terzi <rct+chirp@…>        |        Type:  Feature                                  
   Status:  new                               |    Priority:  Would be nice                            
Milestone:                                    |   Component:  Memory Editor                            
  Version:                                    |    Keywords:  frequency annotations, frequency comments
 Platform:  Linux                             |  
 It would be nice to have a way to annotate frequencies.  Other
 (commercial) software has a comments column.  On radios with a lot of
 memories it can be difficult keeping track of what each one is for.

 This data doesn't get downloaded to the radio at least in the VX-8 case
 and possibly most others.  So it presents some challenges when moving
 between radios & files.  The simple approach used it just gets saved by
 memory locations.  One version saves it in a larger .vx8 file with room
 for the comments.  The other software saves it in a separate .vx8dec file
 which is basically a csv for comments by memory location.

 Ideally chirp could have a more enlightened approach, possible a separate
 store that can be used across multiple files that would let the frequency
 be identified as frequency+offset+tone rather than just by memory

 It may be premature to put this request in a ticket, depending on your
 preferences for tracking wish lists.

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