[chirp_users] Chirp question

Dan Smith
Fri Apr 22 10:13:36 PDT 2011

> Hi – Quick question - I ran the software against my Wouxun UV2D as well
> as my Yaesu FT7900. The column marked bank showed up on the Wouxun but
> not on the Yaesu file. Strange since UV2D doesn’t do banks and the 7900
> does.

Banks for the 7800/7900 aren't supported in CHIRP, which is why the 
column isn't there.  They're not supported in the wouxun driver either 
(for obvious reasons) but I guess the driver isn't declaring that.  I'll 
tweak that :)

> Also I tried it on the MAC side but terminal window opens and then says
> it needed a gtx file – Not too important as I run it on the Windows side
> of my iMac

A gtx file?  No idea what that means, but there are several MacOS people 
on this list that have it running so maybe one of them knows what that 

Dan Smith

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