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Fri Apr 15 21:01:45 PDT 2011

#86: Chirp v0.1.11b7-win32 gives 'Entry Point Not Found' dialog
 Reporter:  anonymous  |        Type:  Bug          
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 Platform:  Linux      |  
 Using Chirp v0.1.11b-win32 on WinXP SP3 with KeySpan USA-19QW USB-to-
 SerialPort, and running chirpw.exe from the unpacked ZIP.

 Upon start-up of chirp, I am presented the following dialog...

 TitleBar:  chirpw.exe - Entry Point Not Found
 Message:   The procedure entry point libivonv_set_relocation_prefix cound
 not be located in the dynamic link library iconv.dll.

 ..three times before the Chirp application window appears.

 I get the same dialog once more when I click the RADIO menu choice.

 Windows (software) Data Execution Prevention is enabled.

 Attached are the system's environment variables list in file 'set.pdf'.
 The locations that copies of iconv.dll are found is also attached.  If you
 want the System Information printout, ask for it--it is 5.5 Mb as a PDF.

 73 de Daniel KB3MUN

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