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joe camilli
Fri Apr 1 19:43:24 PDT 2011

Okay the graphic did not make it -  the error message is Internal error: Unable to upload to Generic

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I have a Kenwood Th-F6A and I am using W7 64 bit. I know for sure the program is communicating with the radio because I can DL the current memories with any problems. 
I then following these instructions:

		When done you have to import the file radionew.csv by clicking on 
Radio --> Import from File. The pop up window requests you to either 
mark or uncheck the checkbox at the different memory locations or select
 either all, nothing or inverse and click OK when you want to proceed 
with the import. Otherwise click at cancel.
		Save the import save the file as mynewradiodata.img using the File drop down menu.
		Upload the file to your radio using the Radio --> Upload to Radio Clone function. Enjoy the new settings of your radio!

And end up with the following error:

Thanks Joe N7QPP

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