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#62: 880 import csv
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      Type:  Bug            |      Status:  new
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 Component:  Memory Editor  |     Version:     
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  Platform:  Windows        |  

Comment (by n4cz@…):

 I downloaded the memory from the 880 into CHIRP, saved the img file and
 created an original csv file. I copied the memory contents from 2820 csv
 file into this file using a spreadsheet. In a text editor I cleaned up the
 new csv file to match the format of the original csv file. I imported the
 csv file over the img file in CHIRP, and uploaded to the 880. I then
 downloaded the 880 memory contents using the CS-80_880 program. The
 following fields from the csv file did not get copied correctly into the
 Mode (most rows blank)
 DSQL (shows as error in CS-80_880)
 TS (for 5 MHz offset, 15k shown instead of 25k)

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