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Fri Sep 3 18:49:53 PDT 2010

#61: software does not work with vx-8 after upgrade
 Reporter:  havmedic26@…        |        Type:  Bug          
   Status:  new                 |    Priority:  Functionality
Milestone:                      |   Component:  Import/Export
  Version:                      |    Keywords:               
 Platform:  Windows             |  
 Hi!  I am writing to tell you that I am having problems with the vx-8
 software, and to ask if you have a solution that could help me.  I
 originally had a us version vx-8.  It worked fine with  your software.
 your software The vx-8 was then modded.  It still worked great with your
 software.  Then I sent it out to yesea to be up graded.  When i got it
 back it did not work with your software.  I re-modded it with still no
 luck.  I can not even read the radio.  The Message I get it the radio
 identifier expected was X'4148303239'
 but the identifier actually recieved was X'4148323944'

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