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#70: Would like to have bank field populated in csv export
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 Playing with CHIRP again - last summer the IC-92Ad stuff didn't seem to
 work, but I'm trying again. ID-880 seems to work.

 I'm really happy to see that you handle bank & bank index in chirp.
 Organizing banks is a major pain for me. I was really excited to see the
 values shown in the chirp screen.

 But, no joy when I export to a csv file. Seems that the bank values are
 always empty. I would really love to see the bank id displayed (any form,
 letter or an index number would be great). I have written some programs in
 visual foxpro that allow me to make groups pretty easily, but the only way
 to get them into the radio is to import from a csv file via the Icom
 software. (With the 92ad this means selecting each bank and doing an
 import of a csv for that bank)

 Is there any way you can populate the bank field in the csv file AND, most
 importantly, allow it to be imported back after changes. Then I could
 build a customized csv file for each situation and load the whole radio in
 one step.

 Thanks for considering this request.

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