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#59: instructions
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Comment (by kk7ds):


 Sorry this has taken so long for me to address.

 I'm not sure what you mean by #1, could you elaborate?

 For #2, you need to make sure that Excel doesn't alter the formatting of
 the fields in any way.  I don't use Excel, so I probably can't help you
 with that.  Note that CHIRP allows for renumbering memories natively, so
 that may be easier.

 For #3, perhaps you're not on a DV channel on the 91/92 when you try to
 connect?  The current released version of chirp requires that you are for
 these two radios.

 Alternately, you might try 0.1.11b1 which has fixes for the 91/92
 restriction, among other things.  You can get it here:


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