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#67: Unable to connect to IC92AD
  Reporter:  greg.franklin@…          |       Owner:                   
      Type:  Bug                      |      Status:  new              
  Priority:  Functionality            |   Milestone:                   
 Component:  IC-91/92                 |     Version:                   
Resolution:                           |    Keywords:  unable to connect
  Platform:  Windows                  |  

Comment (by greg.franklin@…):

 Hi Dan
 Not sure how to send you the debug.log

 Here's an update....I was able to connect....

 Radio>connect to a radio>IC9x Band A
 Now re memory range I left it selected at default > Go
 In the bottom right I see the message "getting memories" then it gives the
 reading (0) Idle
 I see nothing loaded on the Memories screen
 On the Banks screen is lists bank A as "list index out of range"
 That's as far as I get
 Greg VA7BC greg.franklin at gmail.com

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