[chirp_users] Looking for help testing specific radios...

IZ5FSA iz5fsa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 13:13:00 PST 2010

Hi Dan,
I've waited so much to answer 'cause I've no time at all to make the job 
you need. But if you need a part-time-tester, I've an ICE2820 and an 
ICE92D here, at home.

73 de Leo IZ5FSA

Il 16/11/2010 01:24, Dan Smith ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I would like to propose the idea of a formal list of radio testers, to
> help ensure that future releases of CHIRP go out without significant
> model-specific regressions.
> What I would like is one or two volunteers per radio to test beta
> versions in a timely manner.  This would mean that when I post a beta
> version (or especially right before a regular release), you would test
> the latest with your assigned radio to make sure that it functions as
> expected.  We could get a "tester's plan" developed with specific things
> to test each time to make it consistent and meaningful.  I would expect
> a "thumbs up or down" response within, say, a week of posting a new beta
> version.
> In return, you would have my (and others') gratitude, a mention on the
> website as being responsible for "QA" of your model, and hopefully a
> better tool in the long run as a result.  I can't personally purchase
> and own every model that CHIRP supports.  As the list grows, it becomes
> harder and harder to make changes without knowing if obscure models are
> being negatively affected.
> So, any volunteers?  Please reply and let me know which radio you'd be
> willing to help test and I'll get a list started on the website.
> Thanks!

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