[chirp_users] Looking for help testing specific radios...

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Mon Nov 15 16:24:47 PST 2010

Hi all,

I would like to propose the idea of a formal list of radio testers, to
help ensure that future releases of CHIRP go out without significant
model-specific regressions.

What I would like is one or two volunteers per radio to test beta
versions in a timely manner.  This would mean that when I post a beta
version (or especially right before a regular release), you would test
the latest with your assigned radio to make sure that it functions as
expected.  We could get a "tester's plan" developed with specific things
to test each time to make it consistent and meaningful.  I would expect
a "thumbs up or down" response within, say, a week of posting a new beta

In return, you would have my (and others') gratitude, a mention on the
website as being responsible for "QA" of your model, and hopefully a
better tool in the long run as a result.  I can't personally purchase
and own every model that CHIRP supports.  As the list grows, it becomes
harder and harder to make changes without knowing if obscure models are
being negatively affected.

So, any volunteers?  Please reply and let me know which radio you'd be
willing to help test and I'll get a list started on the website.


Dan Smith

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