[chirp_users] [CHIRP] #55: SKIP field not editable - mis-read on import

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Wed Jun 9 10:07:32 PDT 2010

#55: SKIP field not editable - mis-read on import
 Reporter:  KN0N           |       Owner:  kk7ds   
     Type:  Bug            |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  Functionality  |   Milestone:  0.1.10b2
Component:  Memory Editor  |     Version:  0.1.9   
 Keywords:  SKIP           |    Platform:  Windows 

Comment(by kk7ds):

 Hi Brian,

 Thanks for the images I'll take a look.  I don't think I've finished the
 skip flag part of the code for the 880 driver, so that's probably the
 source of the problem.

 I know the bank names aren't implemented yet either, so yeah, if you want
 to file another tracker for that so I don't forget I'd appreciate it.

 Thanks a lot for testing!

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