[chirp_users] New to chirp

Dan Smith
Sun Jan 24 07:26:40 PST 2010

> Hello every one,  I'm new to the use of chirp and I need a few
> pointers.  When I attach my id800 to my computer with the clone cable
> attached to the audio out on the radio in cl out mode the software
> says "out of sync with radio".  I must be doing something wrong...

Are you initiating the clone from the radio before you tell CHIRP to
download?  If so, that's your problem.  CHIRP will tell the radio what
to do.

> Am I using the proper cable?

Well it's hard to tell from your description, but if it's an OPC-478 or
equivalent, then yes :)

Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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