[chirp_users] Just got CHIRP, And Hello!...

Jeffrey M. Swiger N8NOE at arrl.net
Fri May 22 04:28:03 PDT 2009

Hi All:
	First off I'm New to the Group and D-Star, So I wanted to say Hi.
Second I had got the IC-92AD in here Monday following Dayton, and this  
was my First D-Star
Radio and real Exposure to the System. The following Thursday I got  
the IC-2820H in for the home.
When I ordered the HT I was told the software made a Big difference,  
so it was ordered,
Same with the IC-2820. Well, I Ordered the RT SYSTEMS software and  
cable Combo, and still cant get
the two to talk. I found CHIRP and it was working as quick as I could  
get it loaded on the PC.
I'm a Mac OSX user and have worked with Linux in the past, but LOT of  
Radio ware needs PC's so I
have a Small Notebook for such things. After reading the FAQ, I found  
I had to change one Setting in the
92AD and now it's working FB here.
So THANKS!... Sure am looking forward to a Installable OSX version to  
happen, This would make my Day.
Being new to the entire D-Star thing I'm still a bit confused on some  
of it but the CHIRP software and
the programming help of it sure is a help!..


" Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulez "

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