[chirp_users] more help with Mac OS

Debbie Fligor n9dn at arrl.net
Thu May 14 08:23:33 PDT 2009

I'm sure that you're busy with d-rats and getting ready for Dayton,  
but I finally got back to working on getting Chirp working now that I  
have a need to move data from an ic-92 to an ic-91 :-)

I snagged the source to 0.1.9 final and tried it both with my fink  
install and my darwin ports install.  neither works, but they do both  
fail with the exact same error when I pick "Radio -> connect to an  

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/fligor/bin/chirp-0.1.9/chirpui/mainapp.py", line 430,  
in mh
  File "/Users/fligor/bin/chirp-0.1.9/chirpui/mainapp.py", line 123,  
in do_open9x
  File "/Users/fligor/bin/chirp-0.1.9/chirpui/clone.py", line 70, in  
    self.port = miscwidgets.make_choice(ports, True, ports[0])
IndexError: list index out of range

I never get the dialog box that lets you choose your radio settings.

I tried A B and B B, neither worked, and I did make sure the radio's  
main was on the "B" side.

I even get the same message with the Apple's built in python using

export PYTHONPATH=/opt/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages

which worked for another user.  It's good that they all fail the same  
way, it's annoying that they all fail :-)

You'd previously thought you knew what this was and had planned on  
fixing it, I just got side tracked and never checked.  Something about  
not knowing about a serial port and getting confused.  as a work  
around, is there a config file I can stash somewhere that fills it in  
about the serial port to get me going?

I couldn't find anything on the config file format at the wiki so that  
I could just make my own.  Let me know if  you also want to see this  
on trac as well.


-debbie, N9DN

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