[chirp_users] chirp-0.1.9b12.tar.gz on CentOS 5.3

Adrian vk4tux at bigpond.com
Sat May 9 20:18:00 PDT 2009

>/ Had to build chirp-0.1.9b12.tar.gz, as with Fedora 10 a few days
/>/ ago, as the ¨reposted¨beta tar doesn't seem to have made any
/>/ difference.
>I didn't repost the beta, I reposted the official 0.1.9 release.
>Download it from the main directory, not the beta/ section.  I believe
>that Leo confirmed that it was correct now.

Ok sorry I missed that. Of course that worked fine on both fedora 10 and CentOS.
That teaches me for not reading all of the previous posts.
Good luck in Dayton, will be checking out the wa5kub webcam
imbedded in my site; 



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