[chirp_users] 91-A with 121 - B bank is fine - A bank does not work

Roger Kehr rogerkehr at gmail.com
Sun May 3 12:25:19 PDT 2009

I am sure someone has asked this question but here goes anyway.
I purchased a 91-AD and have programmed it's memory banks A and B.  I then
purchase a 91-A with a 121 chip..
While it was possible to get my B bank into my B bank I am unable to make an
excel file of my A bank to get it into my A bank on the 91-A.
Is there some way around this or is there a way to print out what is in the
A bank on the 91-AD and put it into my excel spread sheet and then export
that into my 91-A using CHIRP?
Thanks for a great program - at least my "B" bank information transferred
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