[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.9b12

David Tilson dave at daves-portal.com
Fri May 1 17:22:19 PDT 2009

G'day Dan,

> I just posted 0.1.9b12 with a couple of changes:
> - Add call channels for ic9x

Confirmed and thank you... Just a suggestion, but as people probably use
the Call channels a lot, how about adding them to the normal Memory
Range when reading memories (in a future release), rather than having to
tick on Special Channels to read them.

> - Show a file type on file->save as to make it a little more clear
>   that you can't change the file type just by saving

Confirmed on my 2820.

> On my ic9x, CHIRP is incorrectly showing a TONE setting on 
> one of my call channels, but not the other.  

I couldn't replicate this on my 92AD.

> So, hopefully this looks good enough to call it 0.1.9 final.  
> Dave, any objections (after you test this)?

Nope, good to go from my perspective.  I presume this will (probably) be
the Dayton release in which case congratulations are in order.  CHIRP is
only about 9 months old from when you first mentioned the concept to now
and I personally consider it a valuable tool.  This is especially
impressive given your parallel development of D-RATS.


Davidt, VK3UR

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