[chirp_users] more on getting OS X working

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Wed Mar 18 06:56:32 PDT 2009

Hi Debbie,

>    File "/Users/fligor/bin/chirp-0.1.8/chirpui/clone.py", line 70, in  
> __init__
>      self.port = miscwidgets.make_choice(ports, True, ports[0])
> IndexError: list index out of range

Fink and MacPorts are showing the same error, which is good.  This is a
silly bug which expects to have discovered at least one serial port.  It
hasn't found any on your system, so it's dying.

So, I'll fix that up this afternoon and let you know.  In the meantime,
can you tell me which kind of USB-to-serial device you're using and what
the UNIX device name is (/dev/...)?


Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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