[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.9b6

David Tilson dave at daves-portal.com
Tue Mar 17 21:05:33 PDT 2009


> Right, that's the idea.  It's downloading them in the 
> background if there is nothing else to do.  

No probs with that at all and what I expected.

> > I then looked at the contents of Mem 10 (on the radio) and 
> it matched 
> > Mem 16 in CHIRP, likewise Mem 11 on the radio matched Mem 
> 17 in CHIRP, 
> > etc.  I checked Mem 22 (on the radio) as the next break in 
> the memory 
> > map and it matched Mem 34 on CHIRP.
> Okay, I'm not sure I understand.  Are you saying that unused 
> memory gaps are resulting in an incorrect ordering in CHIRP?

Not quite as there were no memory gaps in the radio... Mems 00 - 100 are
all in use in Band A, however CHIRP reported that Mems 10 - 15, 22 - 33,
etc had nothing programmed in them and displayed incorrect Memory
positions for that data. 

Not sure if that is clear or not, so I'll try a different description...
The data is there in CHIRP, but as indicated earlier, it does not match
the Memory location on the radio.  CHIRP appears to be putting gaps in
to the list.

> > One other thing I noticed was that even though CHIRP downloaded the 
> > entire contents of Band A, without prompting when it was initially 
> > connected, if I instructed CHIRP to display 00 - 800, it would 
> > download the entire contents again.
> Hmm, that's not the way it's supposed to work :)

I figured that would probably be the case :)

> One thing that may be throwing you off is that it (yet) 
> doesn't cache empty memories, so it will check the radio 
> again to see if those have been added.  Is this perhaps what 
> you perceived as re-downloading the memories?

Understand that.  No, that is not what I was seeing.  It was downloading
all 845 memories each time.

> If not, does it do this on Band B?  In all honesty, I rarely 
> test with Band A since Band B has more stuff to go wrong, so 
> perhaps I broke something with Band A specifically.

OK, just tried it on Band B and had the same results, ie CHIRP indicates
that Mems 0 - 09, 16 - 21, 34 - 35, 64 - 69 are displayed, whereas the
radio shows that Mems 0 - 23, 40 - 45, 50 - 73 are all in use.  The data
is all there, but the Radio Mems don't line up with the CHIRP Mems.

Hope that makes sense :)


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