[chirp_users] Hello all

IT2 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR teners at bh90210.net
Thu Mar 5 10:01:26 PST 2009


Hello all, I am Stuart (N3GWG) and I wanted to kind of introduce  
myself to the group here.

I am a Computer Scientist that has been an Amateur since mid-1988 (16  
AUG to be exact is when I got my Novice ticket), and I also have a  
strong background in radio programming software.

When I conducted an initiate review of CHIRP and its capabilities, my  
first response (as was posted on the list) was, is their a MacOS  
version? Mainly, because I use a Mac, and am a Unix System  
Administrator. Since that point, I have familiarized myself with CHIRP  
and its build process and source code control system, and should have  
a MacOS version ready within the next day or so (there are additional  
improvements to CHIRP that we are working on, that I hope to be part  
of that version). As is many times the case, I hope that the MacOS  
version will be ahead of the Windows version feature-wise.

Just as an aside on MacOS, if you "dual boot" Linux and Windows (as I  
used to do, granted I have virtualization software also), I found the  
migration to an Apple environment (Microsoft Office runs natively in  
MacOS) capable of provisioning all the Unix needs I had as well as  
running most of the olde Microsoft based software I had run. So, if  
you do Unix Administration or that, I do truly suggest looking at a  
Mac. Besides, the hardware is ubber cool too!

I own an IC-91AD and an IC-2820, and have been slowly working on  
understanding CHIRP (on a source code level) so that greater  
functionality can be apportioned.

So keep an eye out for the pronouncement of when and where to get the  
MacOS version of CHIRP, it will be forthcoming very soon!

IT2 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR, N3GWG (Extra), MROP
Beverly Hills, CA / Las Vegas, NV / Philadelphia, PA / Washington, DC
mobile: (310) 358-0202
Nextel: 124*233172*14 (direct connect)
e-mail: teners at bh90210.net

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