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David Tilson dave at daves-portal.com
Thu Feb 5 14:17:47 PST 2009

G'day Dan,
I realise that you are currently working on a 0.1.9beta at the moment, but I've come across a couple of small problems with the release version of 0.1.8 which I don't think have been identified or addressed in the recent change logs.
When importing a CSV file into an IC-2820 with CHIRP all looks fine, however if you then open it up with the CS-2820 program some, not all, of the DSQL fields display "error" and the CODE field displays "127" instead of "00".  This is occuring on some DV memory channels, but fairly consistently.  I cleaned up a ICF file, then went through the process a couple of times importing a CSV file through CHIRP and it happened on each occasion.
I can't replicate the problem on my IC-92AD, so it may only be isolated to the IC-2820H.
Unfortunately I'm not in a position to send you a dodgy icf file or chirp csv file at the moment.
On a secondary issue, I discovered yesterday when importing a CSV file into the IC-92AD, with CHIRP 0.1.8, that if a frequency is out of range (example: 136.6375, instead of 146.6375) then CHIRP locked up and had to be killed / restarted.
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