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#36: id 800h rounding issue
 Reporter:  ki4hhk@…            |        Type:  Bug          
   Status:  new                 |    Priority:  Functionality
Milestone:                      |   Component:  Memory Editor
  Version:                      |    Keywords:               
 Platform:  Windows             |  

Comment(by DL8LE):

 I have exactly the same problem with my ID-800H. The manual entry in the
 radio works ok, i.e. all memories are stored with the correct figures. The
 upload of the img-file created by Chirp leads to rounded frequencies in
 the radio memory as described.

 The modification of the csv-file converted from the downloaded radio.img
 with the wrong rounded frequencies (regional settings of the notebook
 properly set to English (USA) to avoid any possible unknown problem caused
 by non-English settings) and the subsequent import and upload to the radio
 again leads to the same result, i.e. frequencies rounded.

 After another manual entry of the correct frequencies into the radio
 itself I stopped any test activity to avoid repeating the time consuming
 manual correction a third or fourth time.

 OS is Windows XP Pro. Unfortunately I deleted my Chirp-folder after the -
 in total - third manual modification of the radio memory content therefore
 I am unable to send any log file (I am very sorry for that over-reaction
 after coming down to the ground again, but I hope that there is at least
 some understanding ...).


 Juergen, DL8LE

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