[chirp_users] working with channel ranges that are empty?

Justin Mann w9fyi at cox.net
Thu Aug 6 09:05:58 PDT 2009

On 08/ 6/09 08:33 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> Another thing that would be useful is a "terminal" mode
>> that would allow the user to monitor traffic from the radio display if
>> it is connected to chirp. You could use it in place of your display. I
>> guess with d-star you have the ability to see messages that come across
>> the radio directlry? This away a net control operator doesn't have to
>> keep their eyes on two things, and I'll shameless admit so that I can
>> tel who I'm talking to etc....
> Yeah, although that will only work for a 91 or 92.  Also, CHIRP doesn't
> currently do any sort of live rig control to keep it similar across all
> the radios.  It uses the rig control protocol to access the memories, of
> course, but no existing facility to continuously speak with the radio
> like the RS-9x programs.  I'm not saying it won't ever happen, but it's
> not high on my list of priorities.
> Aside from that, there is a command-line utility that uses the chirp
> libraries that lets you program a memory in the radio by running a
> command.  Currently it's only used by me for development and testing,
> but you could use it instead of the UI if you think it would be easier.
I'd be interested in trying it out... However, the ui ins't too bad now 
that you showed me the right-click trick. Does make life easier...

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