[chirp_users] working with channel ranges that are empty?

Justin Mann w9fyi at cox.net
Thu Aug 6 07:36:13 PDT 2009

On 08/ 6/09 07:18 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> You've definitely got my vote...
> Until then, you can add memories to those slots by right-clicking on an
> existing memory and choosing the option to open the slot above or below
> it.  You can then change the location of that new memory to be where you
> want it to be.
> It sounds pretty absurd when I try to explain it :)
Awesome!!!! I have 700 memories in this 91ad to fil up, and I only have 
100 I think? Another thing that would be useful is a "terminal" mode 
that would allow the user to monitor traffic from the radio display if 
it is connected to chirp. You could use it in place of your display. I 
guess with d-star you have the ability to see messages that come across 
the radio directlry? This away a net control operator doesn't have to 
keep their eyes on two things, and I'll shameless admit so that I can 
tel who I'm talking to etc....

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