[chirp_users] working with channel ranges that are empty?

Justin Mann w9fyi at cox.net
Thu Aug 6 07:13:50 PDT 2009

On 08/ 6/09 07:01 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> Trying to edit a range of channels that are empty in my 91ad.  I select
>> the channel range, hit the "go" button, but I don't have any channel
>> parameters to edit... I.E no freqnency/offset/channel name etc... Am I
>> doing something wrong?
> I assume you're talking about a range of channels within the radio that
> are currently empty, right?
> Right now, CHIRP behaves differently from the ICOM CS-* software in that
> it doesn't show empty memory channels as empty, it just doesn't show
> them at all.
> I recently converted the D-STAR callsign editor boxes from this sort of
> behavior to showing all slots, even if empty.  What do people think
> about doing the same for the memory editor?
You've definitely got my vote...

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