[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.9b9

David Tilson dave at daves-portal.com
Wed Apr 15 16:39:09 PDT 2009

G'day Dan,

> - Fix the ic9x issue with band edges.  This was actually much worse in
>   that it was just requesting the wrong channel numbers from 
> the radio.

Yep, that's better...

> It can be accessed here:
> http://chirp.danplanet.com/trac

Excellent, it is already at the top of my favourites list, for frequent
access :)

> Bugs reports and feature requests should be reported there so 
> we can keep track of them.  If you're reporting a 
> radio-related issue, be sure to attach your radio image, 
> debug log, and potentially an ICF file if appropriate.  

Dan, the debug.log files are (in my case) normally larger than 256KB,
which is the max attachment size you currently have set for TRAC.

I just tried sending a debug.log for issue #2, which is approx 830KB,
and TRAC wouldn't accept it.  I'll send it separately.

> Dave 
> T, don't forget the web server is a single-processor machine 
> with a finite amount of storage space :-D

Hmm, this could be a problem... You might need to tap into some of your
work computers :)

> I think CHIRP lends itself even more to the 
> copy-the-list-on-ticket- status-emails model, so do we want 
> to enable that here as well?




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