[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.7b8

David Tilson
Fri Oct 31 20:12:34 PDT 2008

> I just posted b8 with some fixes for the import/export stuff.  Give it
a shot and see if it's any better.

Some more for you :)

Second test with IC92AD on Band B (DV)

Read in 400 Band B memories using CHIRP.

Exported to radio.csv  (still no Header row and inserts a blank row
between entries in Excel, but I presume you haven't looked at that yet).

Deleted Mems 001 and 002.

Tried to Import radio.csv

An Error Window appeared on screen "CSV format error (13 columns
expected).  I had a look at the csv file and it had 14 columns.


Davidt, VK3UR
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