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Dave Cooley dave at proficia.com
Wed Nov 26 17:42:15 PST 2008

PREFACE: This is a follow up to previous post regarding missing memory
channels using CHIRP. 

Okay after some exhaustive testing I have found what happens to some
channels that previously were thought to be missing. I sorted by channel
name to alphabetize them. I then tried to renumber them according to the new
alphabeticall sort. When I entered a channel number already in use chirp
deletes the old channel entry entirely.  
The goal is to renumber the channels by the slected sort. In otherwords
download the radio sort by whatever field you desire the channel numbers
should reamain intact i.e. 1,2,3,4, etc. They do not . They stay with the
channel they were associated with from the radio. This is nice for viewing
but accomplishes nothing if you want to program the radio with the new
layout as it will write the channels with the original channel numbers and
that is the default that the radio uses to pull them up. So no matter how
you sort them, when you re-write to the radio it it is the same as before. I
hope this makes sense.
Happy Thanksgiving
Dave Cooley
1007 Centerbrook Drive
Brandon, Florida 33511
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