[chirp_users] csv format

Dan Smith
Sun Nov 30 14:35:17 PST 2008

> One thing that needs to be checked is to whether or not all of the 
> radios can accept both Upper and Lower case characters in the Name 
> field.  I have a feeling that the ID-800H can only accept upper case 
> characters, but I'm not sure.

Correct, the ID800, IC2200, and IC?82 radios will only accept uppercase

> If it is correct then the DataModel will need to be updated to
> reflect this.  Also, if that's correct, then what will happen if
> someone tries to import a .chirp or .csv file that has mixed case
> names???

The individual radio drivers should coerce them to upper case, but I'm
not confident that they all do that in a consistent manner :D

Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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