[chirp_users] ID800 still missing memories

Steve S. Bosshard (NU5D)
Thu Nov 20 11:51:01 PST 2008

Boy I feel dumb - don't know how I regressed to v1.7....1.8b2 is OK so 
far.  Thanks, Steve NU5D

Dan Smith wrote:
>> My screen in chirp shows CH 2 displays 555.87500 Mhz - should be 
>> 444.70000.
> This was fixed in the latest beta.  I see from your first email that 
> you're using 0.1.7b11.  That's way old!  I put a bunch of fixes in for 
> you specifically in 0.1.8b2.  Please try that and report back.
>> Chirp starts with location 0, the ICF starts with ch1.
> Yes, this is something you're going to have to live with for the time 
> being.  Every other ICOM radio starts at 0, but the 800 starts at 1. 
> Internally in the 800 radio, it starts at 0.  For simplicity sake, I 
> keep them all consistent, so memory 0 in chirp is 1 in the ID800, 
> memory 1 in chirp is 2 in the radio, etc.  Everything is shifted up one.
> Please try the latest beta of 0.1.8 and report back to the mailing list.
> Thanks!

There is more to amateur radio......

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