[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.7b8

Barry A. Wilson
Sat Nov 1 15:36:20 PDT 2008


   I was just thinking recently that I had sent out my .icf files so that
others could adopt the work I did in programming just about every repeater
pair from the ARRL Repeater Directory for all of Colorado. This included
numerous different scan banks from a generic repeater list arranged in
frequency order divided into areas like "Denver" "Colorado Springs" "Grand
Junction" "EchoLink" "IRLP".

   I did have one user call me telling me their radio was turning on by
itself. Well that made since because my radio was set to Auto Turnoff after
2 hours and Auto Turnon after 8 hours. I just merely told him how to change
the setting.

   But that brought up the point that if I wasn't the one doing the
programming using my .icf file that others may be just dumping it into their
radios and could possibly be changing their MYCALL to my call sign. I don't
have multiple radios to play with so I seldom get to program other radios
using your software to cross program between various radio types.  So if the
software isn't loading or changing the MYCALL and URCALL RPT1 RPT2 fields
that might not be a bad thing... otherwise there could be numerous operators
running around with someone else's call in their radios. The alternative is
to remove data from these fields prior to providing your own .icf to others.

    We still have an RG8U here in Denver... someone just testing on a radio!


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