[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.8b8

vk3kay dkay at vic.chariot.net.au
Sun Dec 7 13:36:01 PST 2008

hi dan

all works now so will have a go and let ya know

thanks doug vk3kay

Dan Smith wrote:
>> ImportError: No module named serial
> Yep, the problem is that you're missing some supporting packages that
> aren't part of chirp, but that are used by it.  The easiest thing might
> be to follow the install instructions for D-RATS that pertain to your
> Linux distro.  Don't actually install D-RATS, but install all of the
> same packages before you try running chirp.  The instructions are here:
>   http://d-rats.danplanet.com/wiki/InstallPage
> Just scroll down to the Linux section...

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