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joe camilli jjcamilli at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 6 13:27:20 PST 2008

I am using the latest beta release with a IC-2200H radio. I have it working and there some additional fields the 2200H supports:
Name - on/off
RF Power - Low, Mid-L, Mid-H, High
> Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 12:48:00 -0800> From: dsmith at danplanet.com> To: chirp_users at lists.danplanet.com> Subject: Re: [chirp_users] csv format> > > I am getting a file mismatch errror when I try to import a CSV file.> > Any suggestion on what I am doing wrong?> > What is the exact error, and which version are you using?> > There is (now) a "mismatch" error if you try to import a CSV file> without the proper header information. This is to help guard against> importing a CSV file that doesn't match what the current implementation> is expecting.> > Do an export to CSV and look at the first line. Make sure that matches> the first line in your CSV file exactly before you try to import.> > If they are the same, send the debug log.> > Thanks!> > -- > Dan Smith> dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/> www.danplanet.com> KK7DS> _______________________________________________> chirp_users mailing list> chirp_users at lists.danplanet.com> http://lists.danplanet.com/mailman/listinfo/chirp_users
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