[chirp_users] Bank Info Missing after import

Dave Cooley dave at proficia.com
Wed Dec 3 16:26:19 PST 2008

I am sending another copy of both files. 2820.icy and 2820chirp.img. The
.img file was derived from the icf file. Let me know if you cant open that
.icf file. Without that it would be kind of hard to troubleshoot. 

As a side note, when converting the icf file you are prompted to assign a
file name. The default in the window shows the file type as .img but when it
saves the file it does not show as a .img file so chirp can not open the
file. You have to manually enter the entire file name (i.e. 2820chirp.img)
for it to be saved as a .img file. This may be an oversight as one would
assume that if the file type window shows a default as .img file it would
append the file name accordingly.

All entries have a bank assigned. These were all programmed with the CS-2820
software. When you assign a bank, the software automatically assigns the
bank index number. 

It appears that chirp assigns the bank index of "-1" when a bank designator
is not found. These can be "cleaned up" in CHIRP but the original
assignments are lost and seems to defeat the purpose.


Dave Cooley

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> In using the "convert icf" function some of the bank names (of 
> individual channels) did not come across.

Okay, it would be really helpful if you could tell me *which* ones didn't
come across correctly.  I'm a bad guesser :)

> Due to the fact that no bank
> name is present the "Bank Index Value" presents as "-1".

The absence of a bank name has nothing to do with the index value.

> I have included
> both the original ICF file and the resluting chirp img file.

I'm unable to open your ICF file with CS-2820.  It claims "Illegal data".
When I open your .img file, I see lots of memories attached to a handful of
banks.  Only a some of the memories out of the first 100 are missing a bank
name.  Should they all have a bank?


Dan Smith
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