[chirp_users] Bank Info Missing after import

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Wed Dec 3 15:59:02 PST 2008

> In using the "convert icf" function some of the bank names (of
> individual channels) did not come across.

Okay, it would be really helpful if you could tell me *which* ones
didn't come across correctly.  I'm a bad guesser :)

> Due to the fact that no bank
> name is present the "Bank Index Value" presents as "-1".

The absence of a bank name has nothing to do with the index value.

> I have included
> both the original ICF file and the resluting chirp img file.

I'm unable to open your ICF file with CS-2820.  It claims "Illegal
data".  When I open your .img file, I see lots of memories attached to a
handful of banks.  Only a some of the memories out of the first 100 are
missing a bank name.  Should they all have a bank?


Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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