[chirp_devel] Need help in testing changes in btech-Driver

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 18:53:31 PST 2016


> Could you please add your models in line 1728 (for DTMF) and 1991 (for 5-Tone) of the attached module, load it in chirp, test whether chirp displays the DTMF and 5-Tone-Settings as configured in the OEM-software - and report the result?

First is it very annoying that the CHIRP window automatically gets
very tall (taller than the screen is and there are no scroll bars.

I believe all of these radios have the DTMF, 2-tone and 5-tone
settings. I confirmed this by loading the OEM software for the radios
that I have.

BTech UV-2501, UV-2501+220, UV-5001
Luiton LT-588UV
WACCOM Mini-8900 Plus

Here is the problem. All of these radios are shipped from the factory
with no values in most of these settings. So when you load an image
that was initially created from a radio with factory settings, there
will be no values for these settings. The DTMF settings will be OK,
but the 2-tone and 5-tone settings panels will have to fields to enter

You can't download from the radio using the OEM software and try to
edit settings either. This is because entering the 5-tone settings
panel will crash the OEM software if there are no values in the
settings. The work around is to launch the OEM software. The OEM
software will then have default values in all of the DTMF, 2-tone and
5-ton menus. At this point you can upload these default setting to the
radio. Then after downloading with CHIRP the 2-tone and 5-tone
settings will be editable. You can then import you channels into this
tab and all should be good.

What appears to need to happen is to have CHIRP still show settings
boxes when the settings don't have (valid) values. Otherwise there is
no way to edit values using CHIRP. The OEM software wound need to be
used as I described above.


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