[chirp_devel] Support for other band plans?

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Wed Mar 6 07:00:13 PST 2013

> Chirp has support for automatic repeater offsets.  I haven't looked
> into it in detail, but I assume this is for the North American band
> plan?

> Australian Amateurs have their own band plan that's based off ITU
> allocations and tailored for the region:
> http://www.wia.org.au/members/bandplans/data/documents/Australian%20Band%20Plans%20100404.pdf
> Any thoughts on the acceptability of supporting selection of band
> plan? They could be bundled as text files that include repeater
> offsets, suggested modes, power limits etc?  The automatic repeater
> offsets option would become an automatic band settings option.
> Devices that support band limits could also import them as band
> limits (eg. bug #651<http://chirp.danplanet.com/issues/651>
> ).

Fine with me, although I'm not sure we need to go so far as an external
parseable file. Could we just have a regions.py file (perhaps in
chirpui/) that would be a dict of dicts to expose regional differences?

Something like:

regions = {
    'us': {
        'name': 'United States',
        'auto_repeater_offsets: (the data structure from common),
        'amateur bands': [(1800000, 2000000), ... ],
    'au': {
        'name': 'Australia',


Dan Smith
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